My ex wanted to remain friends after he dumped me but I deleted him off facebook as a friend. Does he hate me now?

It was all so sudden. We had been together two years, ok it wasn't perfect, he got awful mood swings and I would get upset he broke up with me a week before over an argument about takeaway saying he didn't want marriage and the relationship was too stressful for him. A day later he said he felt awful and wanted me back and promised he would grow up, start taking responsibility and that he thought bout marrying me all the time, talking about our future and everything. I dont understand how this realisation happened overnight but he said he wasn't thinking straight. So the next Saturday after our relationship was going so perfect and he was texting me such sweet messages like old times. I asked him when he wanted to meet, he said whenever so I said 11.45 then it wasn't convenient so I got a bit moody over it cuz it meant he was choosing xbox over seeing me again then he stormed off into one of his moods again and refused to see me the whole day. This upset me and i constantly text him bout how he wasn't changing for the better and why he didn't care that I was upset. This got his back up he needed space and dumped me, I went round so he could say it to my face he gave me all of 30 secs then went inside deleted absolutely everything off his facebok about me, photos, comments, statuses. but he said he hoped we could become friends eventually but when I found out he'd done this AND the revelation he was now on Tinder (just joined that day) I deleted him off facebook. I was so angry and hurt, yet now a week later I realise I still do love him and want him back but feels like he hates me now because I deleted him. Do you think he hates me? He has purposely followed loads of girls on Instagram cuz he knows I'll see, as I am still following him on there, and liked some photo about making crisps out of tears of your enemy and I am guessing he means me, as I cry and he considers me an enemy :(


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  • He is treating you bad, why do you want this to continue? Clear your mind because you are now in the middle of an emotional storm and realise you deserve better. So you can't rely on what he says, do you think he will change over night? He dumped you over an argument about take overs after 2 years of relationship? Come on sweety ! Does it really matter if he hates you? He trashed away everything about you 2 in a matter of seconds. And are you sure he is not on drugs or something like that? Swing moods usually have an unpleasant explanation.

    • he was willing to change but I didn't give him a chance. I know he had been a dick to me but he has left a huge void in my life and I do still love him. I want to know him still. No he's not on drugs bu suffers with depression and doesn't take meds for it

    • It is normal to feel that void but that doesn't mean you should go back to him even if for now you still feel you love him and can't live without him. You can check a site that was helpful to me after I was dumped. maybe it will help you too. look for breakup recovery guide.
      I ve been trough this kind of toxic relationship with a drug and alcohol addict so I kind of understand the mood swings, the sorry afterwards and the promises to change. but there is no hope with toxic relationships. you will just hurt yourself more and waste more time of your life than you already have.

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  • It seems like you guys can't seem to get along well. If you now got back with him, do you think things would really improve? Or that's just a desire?

  • Omfg this is such a toxic relationship why would you want him back? Please cut him out of your life and move the fuck on.


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