Is she keeping me around as a backup plan?

My ex broke up with me a month and a half ago... the last 3 weeks she's been talking to a new guy... but she said that her and I can text occasionally to catch up on each other.. but not every day... usually she cuts ALL contact with an ex... Is she keeping me around just in case the other guy messes up?


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  • I think you should move on and take your dignity with you.
    I mean your ex. broke up with you and is pretty much saying "how things should go".
    You're giving her way too much power.
    You really have to get your life back and move on.

    To answer your initial question,
    I don't know her motives so there is no way of telling.
    I just think you should work on yourself and not worry much about her.


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  • Why would you accept to stay with a women while she have new guy? Weakness? The last girl on the planet?

    • I'm not staying with her, I'm actually not going to contact her.. Honestly... I'm happy.. I've reached the point that I don't care what happens.. I mean we had a good relationship until things went wrong in the end so I do love/care for her.. but I know I can survive without her... If she wants to be in my life either as a friend or more she can make the effrt

    • I will say you was better than her current guy and backup plan too. no contact is the way.

    • I agree.. I feel like I'm WAY better than her current guy... and I'm def not a backup plan.. no contact sucks.. but it has to be that way.

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  • Yeah, move on.

    • The funny thing is.. I know I'm the best option for her... we broke up over dumb reasons.. I know we'd be good again.. but I'm not about to wait for her forever or make myself feel less valuable... I'm getting confidence in myself again.. and I know that not many people can love her/care for her like I did

    • That's good.
      Leave her.

    • We aren't dating anymore.. she broke up with me on sept 7th.. then started talking to a new guy around the 20th I believe... at this point I don't care what happens though... I feel like I'm finally letting go

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  • Did she start contacting you before or after she started dating this new guy?

    • We still talked a few weeks after the breakup... but then around the 26-30th of September she got distant.. then on the 30th.. we didn't talk for two weeks up until this past Friday/Saturday.. and then on Saturday she told me she is "talking to someone" but she wants to keep in touch with me every now and then

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