He cheated and now what?

my boyfriend and I broke up because he cheated on me with one of his ex"s. I was crushed when I found out and for a while he was really desperate to get back with me but then there was one day when I finally let him know how I felt about everything and how mad I was and he got angry with me and stopped talking to me saying he didn't even know if he wanted to be with me.

i found out he's dating his ex again and now he won't even talk to me! he's a big jerk to me for everything. I'm hurt because I see how much he's investing his time into his new relationship and it makes me sad to know that he never was that way with me.

lately I've been feeling very out of place. I feel as if I'm trapped and no matter what I do I can't seem to escape. this guy was my life and now I feel so empty. I know he's a jerk and should move on but its not so easy. its seems that everywhere I go something comes up that reminds me of him.

does anyone have any advice as to how I can feel happy again? I hate this feeling of vulnerability and just want to feel better. I've tried meeting new people and keeping myself busy but it doesn't work. please help.


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  • Dump him. Seriously. I cheated on my ex once, and was forgiven. So that was ammo to cheat again and again and again. I took full advantage of it. Asshole move? Yes. I eventually got my heart broken when I was cheated on, and I vowed I'd never do it again because it's an awful feeling. But if you forgive him, It will happen again.


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