Guys, I thought things were going good with my ex and along the lines of getting back together then he doesn't text me back and I start to doubmyself?

Guys help please!!!


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  • Considering he's your ex, don't doubt yourself because he didn't text back. I don't know the whole story but I think he's just trying to be a friendly.

    • No we both act all lovy dovy towards each other

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    • OK
      what I meant is you need to show less interest (sometimes and not all times). because when a man feels that he has lost some of attention from female side he'll take the next step and show some of his passion and attention (interest)
      that's what I meant by taking step ahead and step backwards.

    • No because I tried that before and it doesn't work. I think u would have a better shot continuing to hang out with him.

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