Does he want to get back together? A little long?

My boyfriend of 5 months and I had been fighting a lot lately (almost daily, if not daily) for about the past couple months or so. He's having severe issues with depression (he just started seeing a psychiatrist) and it's been really hard.
About a week ago he said he wasn't happy anymore in the relationship and needs to work on his depression and didn't want to be in the relationship anymore.
I had been unhappy too (just hadn't said anything) because of the fighting but before all the arguing, we were happy. So I asked him if he'd be willing to give it a few days (no specified amount of time) and see if we can stop arguing and see if he feels happy again. Four days later, I wasn't happy and it didn't seem like he was either (we hadn't been spending time together like we were supposed to) and we broke up that night; that was three nights ago. I left Friday night and came back Saturday night and am staying here for three weeks or so while I get my stuff together.

One of my friends was trying to make me feel better and gave my number out to a bunch of her guy friends and my phone was like exploding last night. An old guy friend of mine got in touch with me and wanted me to come over and I considered it because I was feeling really sad and wanted a distraction.
My ex got so mad and was telling me to leave and just go if that's what I wanted (repeatedly). It was obviously that it was really upsetting to him. He told me that he didn't care if I was dating but that he cared and it upset him if I was having sex with another guy. He said he still loves me and cares about me when I asked. I told him that I still love and care about him and he said that me telling him that mattered to him but that if it was true, I wouldn't be going to see other guys. At night, the past two nights, he's had us sleep in the sweethearts cuddle (my head on his chest and his arms around me, which is how we've always slept) and said he wanted to (not just out of habit).

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Then today, I was gonna go with a guy friend while he was at work and he didn't want me to go and got upset and said he thought I was going to go have sex or go on a date because he doesn't have a reason to trust me anymore (because we're not together and I have no reason to not, his words).
He again got obviously upset, and told me that he had lied when he'd told me that he didn't care if I was dating.
Then before he left for work, he said that he knows I'm trying to rekindle something because I wouldn't have told him that I still cared and loved him otherwise. I told him that he wouldn't care so much and it wouldn't upset him if some part of him didn't want to fix things too. He didn't say anything and didn't deny it. He usually will usually say something or deny things if he doesn't agree. He was still mad at me. I promised him that I wouldn't go.
What do you guys think?


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  • The mentality of a man is feeling jealous after separation. and that's why he felt upset when he knew that there another guy tried to get closer to distraction you.
    but it seems to me that you're trying hard in this relationship, but you're not sure about what will happen in return.

    give yourself the time you need (think with your mind, not your heart) because your heart is full of turbulent emotions and see how things will go. start to think about yourself as human full of emotion (self-esteem). in the end you deserve to be happy because I just noticed there's a misunderstanding+low trust in this relationship, you've to determines your place in this relationship.


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