She has a boyfriend now, do I just ignore her? Would that make me a crappy friend?

This girl, who it is pretty obvious through my intentions that I like her, has a boyfriend now. I saw them holding hands and I have heard people talking about it. She is moving away to go to school around the same area he goes to school.

We think really highly of each other. We have even been on dates..

So do I just ignore her when she tries to text me? What do I do? Would that make me a horrible friend? Would that be an unwise decision? I wish I was her boyfriend so bad. I want to take care of her and not have him take care of her


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  • yes, ignore her and try to move on otherwise you ll just hurt yourself more. You are obsiouvly not her "friend" so cut her off in order for you to heal.


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  • The main Q why she's his girl not your girl?


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  • I'd ignore her. she's off limits now and you don't need to feel led on


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