My new boyfriend says the same things that my ex said. Does that mean I'm being played?

He says he worries about me. What does this mean exactly?


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  • No, not necessarily, he worries about you means he is thinking about you, he probably cares about you. However there is very little info here. You need to watch his actions though.


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  • When someone cares for you it's only natural that they worry.

    Sure , he may say the same things your ex says.
    Realistically thousands of people say the same words all of the time.
    But what separates some people from others is that there are those who actually mean what they say.

    Don't compare your current to your ex.
    There's a reason why he's dating you and the other guy isn't.
    He may actually care for you.

    You deserve to be happy.
    Don't question what he says unless he gives you reason for suspicion.


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  • Whatever you are doing in the relationship he feels is wrong he worries about how long it will last


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