What is the right thing to do? AND What would you do?

Back in April I met a guy online, we talked for four months until last August.

Our conversations were the best. We told each about how we were feeling about getting to know, it was pretty comfortable, we were awesome together we were like friends but used to flirt too.

Due to my insecurities I pushed away many times. My self esteem issues and lack of confidence didn't help either.

One day he asked me to be patient but he barely talk to me once every two days I couldn't deal with that and I told him I was done.

I told him to be happy and he told me the same.

After few montha without talking I still miss him even I know he doesn't remember me because it was unreal, it was an online relationship.

He's birthday is coming and I would like to know, should I message him? He hasn't contacted me either so I don't think he misses me.

What is the right thing to do?
What would you do?
Thank you all!
Amazing answers! Thanks


Most Helpful Guy

  • The right thing to do is get outside more. This was all in your mind, and it isn't healthy.

    I never let more than a couple of messages go by before I meet someone at the first opportunity. There is no way it would be 4 months.

    • You're so ignorant, but it's probably just because you're (relatively) old. Maybe it's just a generation thing. Obviously you didn't grow up with the internet and internet dating wasn't an option for you. But trust me, you can certainly have a connection with someone without ever having met them face to face.

      "You young kids and your new fangled interweb relationships!"

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    • @Song4TheBroken
      "that doesn't make the connection any less meaningful."
      Actually, it does.

    • Nope, you only think it does.

Most Helpful Girl

  • i think you should move on, find a new guy, he didn't contact you for a few months, it means he doesn't care about you anymore. dont beg him, he is not worth it! you are a beautiful young girl, there will be better for you, be confident!!

    • The asker dumped him so how can you say he doesn't care? Its upto her to contact him. He probably hasn't contacted you because he's trying to move on that's all... Like me

    • @Trotters I'm sorry she dumped you. If you know she truly cares she had a good reason.

      Mine was insecurities (lack of self-esteem, confidence..) even he was good to me I was convinced he was playing games I don't wanted to get hurt (another time) so I closed that door.

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What Guys Said 2

  • I think you should talk to him. That's what I would do in this situation. If you miss him, just tell him that. Maybe he feels the same way but thinks you've forgotten him. What have you got to lose anyway?

  • If you feel like it, just contact him. Him not contacting you does not show he's forgotten about you. Think of it like this, you haven't texted him but you still think about him.


What Girls Said 4

  • Don't message him for his bday. Where is the point on that? You are done and not in contact anymore. I think he might look at it if you message as weird. I would see it this way and I would not text. You didn't have a serious relationship so you should have moved on by now and not care about his bday and even less to want to message him. But you know better if it s appropriate to send a message or not.

  • f you miss him, there is a good chance that he misses you. You've never messaged him back either, so maybe he's thinking the same way you are? Tell him happy birthday. You could start that relationship back up and be happy.

  • Message him, the worst that could happen is he will say nothing and you'll get on with your real life

  • No. Do nothing for his birthday. Move on and try to find, create a real life relationship with someone. It's so much more rewarding.


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