Ex said he still have feelings for me but he said he needs time to think what is he saying?


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  • I was in a similar situation last year with my ex. I told her I wanted to get back but I wasn't 100% because I was afraid of being hurt. That's what he's saying to you, that he wants an opportunity, but doesn't want to get hurt so he's prepping you to see if you're in too. Take the time to think about getting back together with him and talk to him when he's ready. If you want to get back together, he'll communicate with you and you can do that. If you don't, if he comes back to talk, tell him you don't.

    • alrighty thank you so much means a lot. plus he said that he still have feelings for me also needs to figure things out does it mean the same thing though?

    • Honestly, I'm not sure if they do mean the same thing. I know he likes you and wants you interested, but he's still not certain he's ready to commit yet. Just hang back and see what he does

    • alrighty thank you so much, means a lot. You Explain that pretty well thank you so much. I well hang back and see what does like you said thanks again

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  • He's talking shit, if someone wants to be with you they're with you.


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