The guy I dated wanted to know about someone I hooked up a year ago. After 2 mo he broke up with me via text as he and his ex from the gym walked in?

He had originally asked if I hooked up with anyone from the gym, and I decided not to tell bc it was a year ago, and it was just a casual hook up. He kept insisting so I admitted to it. He stopped answering my calls and messages for a month, bc he "needed space", because to him I was a liar. We started casually talking again, after I apolgized repeatedly. Then his ex from the gym and he walked into the gym and he text me "leave me be".


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  • Well, 2 sides to this.
    1. It was none of his business anyway to ask.
    2. Maybe you should of been honest also.

    Anyway, he is acting like a 5 year old about it now, leave him be, find someone more self secure


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  • ... Then his ex from the gym and he walked into the gym and he text me "leave me be,"
    You said a mouthful here, dear. And without it having to be etched in stone, the writing on the wall and all is telling me, showing me as well, tha the was making lame duck excuses all along because he has been quacking and yakking and flapping with this "EX" all along, because she still Marks an X in his own softie spot.
    Move on and if he should come flying back one day with his cowardly tail between his legs, tell him TO "Get lost loser."
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for the upvote. xx

    • No thank you! This hit me hard. Like it makes complete sense! For 3 months he grilled me about how many people I'd been with, who in the gym have I been with. We'd get into arguments if a guy was talking to me in the gym. He was projecting his own guilt. If I didn't answer the phone when he called, I was "cheating". I never cheated. Girls night out was "slut night" that all women are "liars and sluts" I accepted him and the red flags. I accepted the "lets chill at home" bc I figured he wasn't ready to go public with an interracial relationship (Im black), and his friends gave him a hard time. However, he use to take her on dates. hahaha OMG this makes soooo much sense.

    • Thank you, sweetie, happy to oblige here, dear. I caught this right off the bat and glad you too have seen this now.:)) xxoo

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  • Next time tell the truth ya gutter slut


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  • Let him be indeed like move on. You shouldn't have lied to him but he also shouldn't have asked who you been with before him. We don't live the times anymore when you marry a guy as a virgin. my ex asked me the same question when we started dating and over time I realised he has big issues and this strange question he had at the beggining should have been a sign for his insecurity issues he has.


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