I miss him dearly and I really don't want to anymore?, why was he so angry with me?

Me and my partner was together 3 and a half years, we had a very emotionally close relationship, we loved together, was engaged and he also brought my son up as his own (not his real dad), who he loved and adored. We had also only just booked our wedding for next year. In may he left me and wouldn't speak to me and 2 days later I found out I was pregnant, he said i was lying but he wouldn't see proof despite me buying a test and despite me offering him to see it, i eventually had a termination. He had nothing to do with me over the baby situation or again, I gave him all his things back out the house and tried my best to be civil.
7 weeks after leaving me he had a new girlfriend which broke my heart, he flaunted her all over Facebook which friends saw and told me, which hurt. He hasn't once asked about my son to even see if he's ok or spoken to me. Him and this new gilfriend have split up now.
Even after all this hurt and what he's done I still don't understand why he was so angry towards me? I did offer to prove I was pregnant and wanted to stay civil. I miss him dearly everyday and wish ee could of a takes friends. How can someone forget 3 years just like that? The pain of missing him seems to be getting worse? Does he hate me?


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  • He sounds like an ass


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