Would you hesitate while breaking up with someone?

While my ex was breaking up with me before I left his house I turned to him and said "are u sure?" Because I have tons of experience and he has none so I know what a big it is and I go cold turkey no contact forever. He hesitated for A FULL minute kid u not and said "yea." So I just left without looking back. Was he unsure? Would u hesitate breaking up with someone? I wasn't pushing him just asking if he was sure and he seemed like he wasn't. He claims he lost feelings in a matter of a day after a big argument. Thanks in advance.


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  • He just thought about if that's what he really wanted.

    • Yea but I'd think he'd know off hand and not like that. But I guess let him realize if that's what he reaaally wanted

    • Thanks by the way

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  • He is unsure and just talking. If he was really done with you he wouldn't even have said yes.

    • Thanks. I kinda figured that. And yea I understand where ur coming from. Id jus been like "I'm sorry" immediately or something.. not a slow "yes"... Hey ur really... ur really smart catching on to that! I've left him alone itz been a few days. . and I have his number blocked lol

    • Lol so you basically block his number knowing he was unsure he won't have a chance come back claiming didn't mean it. Well it was his fault regardless.

    • Ok... I unblocked him lol but I don't know... I'm getting stronger day by day (even though it's barely been less than a week)

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  • I know not one girl alive would seeing as how you don't have hearts


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