Called her my ex's name?

My ex and me started each other as friends (with my girlfriend knowing and she doesn't really like it) on Facebook chat. Anyway so my girlfriend (of 2 years) and me were making love. Well I was in the moment and I said "I love (my exes names). My girl got all upset and she said something about me thinking that my ex more is hotter then her. She started crying and then left (we're living together). I did this to her before on her birthday but we made up later that. I called her begging to come home then I called her my exes name again by mistake. She told me I'm a prick and hung up on me. What should I do? To it worse they're don't sound alike.


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  • Dude. DUDE. How hard is it to remember which girl you're with? Why are you even thinking about your ex while you're with her? And on her birthday too?

    Her reaction is completely proportionate and predictable. You've disrespected and insulted her in the most outrageous way, even if it was unintentional. You've hurt her terribly. You've made her feel cheap and tacky. You've also sent a message that you don't love her for who she is, and would prefer to be with your ex-partner. I don't know any woman who loved her guy who wouldn't react similarly.

    You owe her one gigantic apology, combined with a proper explanation. And a bunch of flowers. And about 15 dates at the best restaurant in town, all of which you should pay for. And given the circumstances, which give her more than adequate grounds for suspecting your feelings, you need to de-friend your ex on Facebook, and not speak to her again - you owe your girlfriend that respect. If you're lucky, she might just forgive you. Thousands wouldn't.


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  • sucks bro... damage control and get your head on straight.


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