Why people dont unfriend each other on Facebook after a breakup?

I was in love with a guy who did not have same feelings for me. Despite of that he kept on calling me and talking to me (perhaps he felt good or had been loving the attention I was giving to him). But due to some misunderstanding, he broke his friendship with me. I tried to settle things down by sending him a text saying that I did not want things to go this far and we must now leave this and let's be friends again. But he neither replied me nor called. I texted him again after 2 weeks but he did not reply me. It's obvious, he doesn't want to talk to me anymore. But I'm amazed why he had not defriended me over his FB.


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  • Because whoever he is interested in dating he is not sure will fit the bill. So down the line if he can't find anyone dating you or seeking attention from you would be an option. You can still be friends online but not bothering talking to him unless he contacts you.


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  • Why did you want to be friends with him after the breakup? Doesn't that make it more difficult? I have the perception that young people think that is the proper thing to do, but it just seems to be a screwed up way of breaking up. You're going to stay friends, like. . . they're all invited when you finally get married?


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