How do I break up with my boyfriend?

I met this guy online and we have been dating since the beginning of July.
Everything was fine, at first.
He started opening up about his past and talking about hobbies and only one really bothered me. He crossdresses. Normally have no issues with this, but he's a total narcissist about it. Like, he gets turned on by seeing himself dressed up like a girl. It causes lots of problems because he starts acting like a straight girl, too. And goes so far as to say things like "I wish you had a dick" and this hurts like hell.
He's also talking about MILFS at work and random people he would fuck if they asked and reminds me that I'm younger than him all the time. I'm also smarter than he is, so I can predict what he's going to say most of the time before he even opens his mouth. He aslo has mental disorders up the ass. Like, Depression, Schizophrenia, Multiple Personality Disorder, and he's delusional and crazy clingy. Every time we fight or I bring up that something bugs me, he starts with the whole "I'm meant to be alone forever wondering this earth by myself for all eternity" shpeal. He's also an addict. Like, Alcohol, and sometimes I think he started using drugs again.

He also has gotten very whiney. He complains about literally anything and everything. It's gotten to the point where I'm emotionally checked out as is and even have developed a crush on two other people.
However, I'm not acting on either of them because I'm in a relationship.
And I mentioned how he's clingy, I feel I should clarify. He doesn't ask where I'm going when I tell him I'm leaving my house or who I'm with or when I'll be home and he doesn't ask where I'm going when I leave a room. By clingy, I mean that we got to our one and a half month marker and told me he plans on asking me to marry him.

I literally have no clue what I should do. Like, I want to leave but I don't want to deal with how whiney and suicidal he will be if I do leave.
Like, I have had people I dated in the past commit suicide when I left them and I do not want to be the reason why another person writes a suicide note. (This sounds really bad, but I just wanna explain that I tend to date a lot of people who are damaged and come from abusive homes and have a lot wrong with them, mentally)


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  • Do you like the fact they committed suicide because of you? Seems like something a girl would enjoy knowing.

    • No, actually. It eats at me every day. I remember how they each did it, the last things we said, when and where they did it, and I cry every single time I see their first name or anything my brain links to them. I feel like shit every time and catch myself thinking "If I didn't leave them, they would still be here"
      No matter how bad the relationships were, I can't stand knowing me leaving is the reason they are gone.

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    • She'd have to be pretty sick to like that :/

    • I do care about it, though. It makes me sick knowing I'm the reason.

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  • The fact you said shpeal caught my attention. I'll give you the key to breaking up with someone as unbalanced as him but i want you to address your own issues that attract you to guys like that. I don't know if it was child abuse, an alcoholic in the family, bullying or the fact you had too many material things and not enough love whatever it is you cannot fix these guys. It's unhealthy for you to continue dating mentally unbalanced men so I suggest you find your own peace. Ok so you want to break up with him it's easy but will take about 2 weeks. You turn into him but worse. You become clingy whingey never ask how he is or ignore what he says and continue in your mindless rants about you against the cruel world. Then say you want to have 20 children and 50 cats. When will he have the money to buy a house and support you so you don't have to study and work. Become paranoid that he shouldn't go anywhere cos someone might want to sleep with him. Ask him every 20 minutes to send you a selfie so you know where he says he is. Keep telling him the girl in the shop keeps checking him out. You know what he will give out that you've changed. You're not the girl he thought you were. He will break up with you when he does block him from everything in your life change your number if you have to.

    • Knowing him, actually, that may not work. He'll actually sit me down and tell me "It's okay pumpkin will work things out. Will make it work"

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    • Then just rip it off like a band aid and tell his mother if he threatens to kill himself then it's not your concern

    • I feel like he'll somehow sucker me into staying with him, though. I know it sounds dumb or like I'm making up excuses, I'm just scared. And I don't want any repeats.

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  • Wow that i really serious right there! Well my only suggestion is to tell him how you feel. It will hurt him but he will get over it. He will find someone else. Its not at all healthy for you.

  • Don't stick with someone if you're unhappy. The best you can really do is warn his friends and family to be watchful of him for strange behaviour because you're going to break up with him and you think he'll want to kill himself.

    Don't sacrifice your life for someone you're not happy with.

    Get a new number, tell your friends not to share it with your ex, block him on Facebook and change your account name to something he won't guess or make a new one and explain why to your friends and family.

    You deserve to be happy, so don't let anyone stop you from having the happy life you're deserving of.

    Warn his loved ones, get a new number, break it off the next day and block him on Facebook, I'd suggest.


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