Is it wrong of me to not want to be friends with him after this?

I was talking to this guy, my parents loved him, he had goals, and he was a Christian. We talked for about a month and then he asked me to go to a movie with him, then he canceled on me. All while saying that I was pretty, funny, and he wanted to make me happy. But, as it turns out, I asked him about a girl he told me he was "just friends" with and he told me they just started dating. Right before he canceled on me. All while he continuously complimented me. I don't know what I'm supposed to be feeling. He wasn't even going to tell me he had a girlfriend. So it says a lot about his acting skills. And now he's saying that him having a girlfriend won't effect the way he treats me and he doesn't want our "friendship" to be ruined. Aquantences? Sure. Friends? I don't know but I'm thinking not.


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  • Sounds like friends was his intention from the start...

    • Well, he told me he wanted to date me. While he was planning a date with me, he also asked another girl out. I just found out today that he's done that to other girls as well.

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    • I suppose I could. I won't be mean to him. But I don't think I'll be all buddy buddy with him.

    • yeah, that's what I meant

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  • Me personally I wouldn't be upset with him but you can be and not be friends if u want

    • I'm only upset with him bc he told me he planned to date me. And while he was planning a date with me, he asked the other girl out. Apparently he's done that to other girls too. But I'm the only one he's ever wanted to be "friends" with