I feel broken all over again after mixed signals. why do men always promise the world yet push u aside like nothing?

After 7 weeks apart, 4 official weeks, my ex told me yesterday he was seeing someone else. Weve been getting on really well the last couple of weeks talking everyday i see him a lot as we have a son he even bought me a takeaway Monday night i felt like we was together people were telling me he would come back once he realised etc now this bombshell. How can u be everything to someone ur their world their family do everything for each other yet after this short time he's seeing someone else like it all meant nothing? While im in bits. I've just started gettin my life back and good things happening after we split and now i feel worse than ever


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  • I would just try to focus on your life. I'm sorry this is happening to you, you must be hurting so much :(

    I would try to work on things you enjoy doing and stuff for yourself. Focus on your son and spend time with family and friends.

    Sometimes people leave because they feel they are getting something better somewhere else. The problem is he may very well come back when he realizes he had it pretty good with you. I would try to stay strong and take care of yourself first.

    Don't let this guy convince you that you aren't enough, because you are. He's just being stupid.

    • Thankyou it is hard especially when im still close with his mum and she has always been supportive of me since we split so has his sister. I just dont get how men move on so quick considering how much of a mess he was at the beginning.

      I dont think he will ever try to come back he's just not grown up enough despite being 30 next year! He will probably think the grass is greener but i hope he finds out the hard way how good he had it. This latest bit is probably all about sex even his own mum said that.

      Im going to try and not let it get to me or not let him see it is at least and concentrate on me and my baby. Im the lucky one i have my son i will be there watching him grow and do things for the first time whereas he will just have to hear about it

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    • I've let him go im not holding my breath for nothing i just wish he wasn't so confusing. I gave him more of his stuff today and he looked gutted and couldnt even look at me. Not sure why he's bothered but he's got what he wanted and if he realises now then its too late

    • No one likes to be rejected. His ego is hurt and you giving back his stuff is a sign u want to move on. Try to be strong. You deserve a guy who wants you. Not a guy who is unsure.

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  • There are two options to this: either he's a complete peace of shit, or you're just unable to move on when he is.

    • Well we have an 8month old together and was meant to be all he ever wanted bla bla yet he chose going out after work and coming home drunk most nights over fighting for us and now he's done this so im guessing piece of shit. And i find it hard to forget feelings when youve been through a lot together and have a child after just 7weeks apart

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  • i think you should ignore him completely, i know it is hard, because of the baby and the past things you two done together, but it is the best way. you shouldl stop caring for him and focus on your work , baby , life and friends or other things. there must be someone better out there for you. be hard to yourself now, and you will feel better in the future, trust me , it is worth it for your happiness!!! be confident and move on!!


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