Should I say no next time?

My ex and I stayed civil. He was the one who ended our 3 year relationship some months ago and he has been pretty friendly towards me ever since. He is the one initiating contact and hanging out. I, on the other hand, stopped doing so because every time I ask him to hang out he refuses, but then few days later calls me to make it up. He indeed does always make it up but I am tired of getting rejected every time. The thing is that when he makes it up I usually give in and go hang out with him. He is always good to me though, and always replies on my msg's in a second. I mean this was like a month ago while I still did initiate some contact with him, before I stopped. He still initiates contact and I know that this Monday he is gonna ask me to watch a new episode of our tv show together. Should I just say the same thing he used to say to me when I used to ask him to hang out? Like "I'm gonna watch it alone" or something like that?

by the way. we are LDR, and by hanging out I mean doing stuff over Skype (we go on video chat and do stuff).


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  • Try this- you broke up with me go fuck yourself never talk to me again


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  • Go get a real relationship with actual contact. It's much more rewarding. These "relationships" over the Internet/skype/social media are a farce. Sorry but, mho.


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