I could really need some help right now. How can I play this cool?

Ok, hello everyone. I haven't used this website in a while because I actually managed to get a (semi)-girlfriend and everything was going well. We know each other for quite a while now and we went to a dance + football game before (but not on an actual 1on1 date). We basically texted each other daily and she really liked me and I really liked her. The thing is that she's very shy and I'm very shy/"bad with girls" mostly because I have no prior experience so we never went on a real date. As I said everything was going well, however, lately we didn't text that often anymore and I got the feeling she kinda ignored me at school. Then her birthday came and I gave her a really cute present (in my view) she seemed to like it but ever since then she ignored my texts and when I asked her to the upcoming dance she said she'd rather go "with her friends". That's a VERY bad sign indeed.

So basically I'm here now and I have NO IDEA what to do. I don't wanna be a needy guy or anything but I also want to know what I did wrong (to learn from experience) or if she just randomly stopped liking me. Also, i dont wanna obsess with her because i can't be putting all my energy into this and continue hurting myself. In addition I don't want to bother/make her feel awkward. How can I play it cool and/or is it possible to get back together?

Sorry if the're like 9754684 other questions like this one on the internet but I'm very lost, sad and confused right now & could really use some pro help and advice.

thanks in advance!
Okay, for anyone who's wondering (probably no one) I asked how "things are" and she told me she wants to be "good" friends 😕. Well that sucks. But what's really confusing is that she actually started texting me again (and seemed very nice in person) so I still have no idea what's going on...


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  • Maybe she is not ignoring you she just didn't get your texts?

    • Hm. Interesting but I'm pretty sure that's not the case... The thing is she's also ignoring me in person now :/

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    • Ok. I'll probably just have do that. But I mean, like last week she sent me pictures of her freakin dog so if that doesn't represent true love then I don't know what does 😂😂😂. But thanks anyways for getting me back on track, really appreciate it

    • Agreed 🐶 you're very welcome! Good luck

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