What do you guys think of this I'm I ready to give up?

Urm.. ___ .. You have been the most amazing guy that I have ever meet I mean your perfect in every way you have an amazing smile and a cute laugh 😊and we have been threw a lot of ups and downs but right I don't know if I can continue πŸ™ I've been thinking about this and you haven't done anything wrong you have been great more than great more like amazing but my mind is everywhere and I don't know anymore about anything even my feelings.. Like between us it's not the same anymore well that's how i feel it's like everything is dying off and I'm holding on a piece of string trying to hold everything together but knowing that if it was meant to be now it would be.. I love you believe it or not I love you and you will always have a special place in my heart and it hurts at the moment and I hope that someday we find our ways back to each other but right now the timing isn't right.. I'm sorry.. I'm hoping this isn't our final good bye and that we will come back to each other but I can't tell the future...


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  • Just keep on going gorgeous I understand what u mean it sucks I know

    • Do you mean keep on going with the relationship or brake up?

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  • Why are you breaking up in that way? Is it long distance that you can't do it to his face or are these the words you are choosing to say not write? It sounds like you're giving someone hope when there may be none. If you are together a long time would you not reach out to that person and ask to help you through whatever you are going through

    • It's short distance but we barely see each other and lately everything's been falling apart I feel as in he doesn't want me here but doesn't want to hurt me

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    • I don't think he's going too

    • If it's what you really want to do then send it. If it's you trying to reach out and get a reaction then don't. There are better ways

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  • Well... first of all I think that you should be honest with him... whether you actually love him or not... or you are just saying it because you don't want to hurt him too much (I'm not saying this is true of course I'm just suggesting..) but to be honest.. if you feel like you need a break from eachother... for whatever reason... then go for it because you are not actually telling him that you want to completely break it off... or anything like that... if he really does like you and he is a guy that's actually worth it then he will come back to you trust me... he knows you love him and he definitely won't think about it twice... but seriously just go with your gut feeling... if you are sure of what you want and what you need then go for it... it will all be fine don't worry!


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