Guys get hurt too?

Me and my boyfriend broke up last Monday we dated for 2 years and it was nice but we had bad fights too. he broke up with me because he said we are not meant to be i always say i will change but i dont (my bad attitude, selfish, etc) i begged him for a chance... he said he gave me a lot of chances already n it won't be the same. he doesn't show he's hurt or anything like that. he didn't delete the pics from his website yet... i mean pics means nothing he can just forget but still... i want to know if he still cares or loves me... he would always treat me like princess and tell me how much he loves me but he said he's fed up of everything. please help...


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  • Just because he treats you like a princess doesn't mean you need to act like one

    • I know i was wrong

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    • how? if we dont talk or go out

    • He'll know if you have changed. I'm sure he hasn't completely dropped the ball.

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