Getting over a guy from a one night stand?

I had a one night stand recently with a guy I had just met. (no judgement please, we've all done it!) We chatted for a couple hours before having sex and, seeing what a great guy he actually was, I started liking him. We were so much alike... then we had sex. It wasn't good sex, or even good kissing, that's the upsetting part. Then when he dropped me off he offered me a hug then said "maybe again sometime?" and I haven't heard from him since. How do i get over my one night stand? My intentions were not to get emotionally involved and now I don't know what to do :(
Okay so we all haven't done it im a slut whatever we all make mistakes help me out damnit


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  • You said it, It was bad sex... why are you even bothering. No matter how much you feel emotionally connected, if you guys don't have good sex then you'l never be happy


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  • we all haven't done that u slut lol


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