Does he love me and want me back or not?


OK well we was together 7 months we argued so much during that time but when we got along we was great I told him everything about me and we just seemed in love an argument got out of hand and I broke up with him. He then just completely ignores me I asked for him back and said I made a mistake and that it would be different if we got together and he keeps saying no he's staying single and don't even want to be my friend he ignores every text and just acts like I was never born he said he still loves me just after we broke up but why act like that if he loved me and wants me back?


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  • the same thing happened to me, except mine starting flirting with me, after I broke up with him. I thought he wanted me back because, seriously, ALL his friends were saying he still loved me. I asked him out and he turned me down. now he acts like he doesn't know me and he's starting his flirting style on my best friend. guys sometimes try to play with peoples minds and they take it too far. if he is ignoring you and acting like you don't exist then he's probably trying to forget how hurt he was when you broke up with him, and how much he loved you. try giving him some space, and think about all the positive things to make you happy. when he sees that you are happy, and not clanging on to him, he might take you back... good luck I hope I helped.


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