What is he trying to express to me?

Me and my ex dated back our freshman year of high school. We dated for about a year and he ended things with me. He's very unemotional and very into being "chill." Both sides of family have multiple divorces and I think it's hard for him, but he doesn't say it is. After we broke up I dated/hooked up with other guys.. He knew all of this. Now we're in college about 700 miles apart. Since the day we broke up he would still text me. He didn't care if I had a boyfriend or anything he would just want to talk. I love him it's hard and it leads me on. He isn't the emotional type and when he does get emotional I've got him to agree will cross paths one day. We bicker a lot but he still texts me practically everyday. I don't know if I'm just there when he's bored or what.. He hasn't dated anyone else or to my knowledge gotten with anyone else. He's very flirty but nothing more then that with other girls. I can't tell if I hurt him and it's hard for him to be emotional. He's admitted to liking me but he can always just say that. He said long distance isn't for him. I can't tell what he wants because there's so many mixed signals. I'm not sure if it's a better idea to move on and never contact Him back (which would be very hard) or hope for the future and continue talking like I have these past 5 years. Thanks


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  • AT YOUR AGE you should be wise enough to MOVE THE HELL ON.


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