Is he into me or not?

OK I don't usually get caught up with work colleagues but at the Christmas party me & this dude hooked up - it was an awesome night and we ended up at the hotel together.I'll spare the details.

Anyways we never exchanged numbers - I panicked and left, he's a shy lovely guy that is well liked at work. Our explanation didn't work and I sent him a text for the cover story (work mobile). Since then he texts me almost on a daily basis but its just general stuff, every time I think he's going to ask me out and then nothing - silent. Its been going on for a month. I asked him out for coffee, never got a yes or no but a maybe. I asked him what he thinks about me, he said he's weary as once bitten twice shy? What does this mean? Am I wasting time on him?I'm so frustrated!


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What Guys Said 1

  • Green lights from you: You hooked up, you went to a hotel.

    Red lights: You never exchanged numbers, you left.

    If anybody's giving mixed signals, it's you. If a guy ditched you after getting with you then asked you out for coffee, wouldn't you feel a little bit wary?


What Girls Said 1

  • it sounds like you could be wasting your time because if he wanted to see you he would, if he wanted to go deeper then surface conversation he would have done that to, especially when you asked him to go out to coffee and he said maybe what type of answer is that? If you want to dig deeper though find out if he is talking to other girls and ask him out again and if he gives some lame riddle forget him.


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