All women are crazy? (I THINK NOT)

Who believes women need to be careful about ASKING men about advice on friendship with ex's because most men (NOT ALL) are insensitive to the things that we easily perceive . Example that girl on FB who just wants to be friends- we know she looked up year profile and wants to get with you whether you have a girlfriend or not! That extra friendly co-worker who so easily points out that you have a jealous girlfriend (she wants you too). They all just hide it under a thin veil of friendship and make us feel we're paranoid. Views please!


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  • Generally, men don't operate on subtle hints, especially when those hints are supposed to chain together along a certain thought pattern ("I want to be friends" -> "I'm not showing interest" -> "I'm playing hard to get so you'll be attracted to me" -> "I want to be more than friends"). Most guys I know are more straightforward with their approach.

    Women aren't crazy, but picking up on subtle hints is not something men are used to doing. Men who are good at picking up on them usually have experience with it (have dealt with it from plenty of women before), and the ones who don't will be completely oblivious. If you like a man, just tell him that you think he's sexy. Don't tell him that his current girlfriend is jealous- he will more likely than not dismiss you as a bitch for sticking your nose where it doesn't belong (his relationship).

    In short, don't expect people to pick up on subtle hints. Just say what you mean.


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  • i'm sorry I may not have fully understood... are you saying that men just don't see the avances and subtle hints of women around them, thus are ill-equiped to give women relationship advice of any sort (notice the generalizations in your and my texts)?

    • I'm not saying ALL MEN I'm saying SOME MEN. I've dated guys who can figure out women easily but mostly I find male friends and brothers, never see the point until something happens. Example my friends wife hated one of his female friends, and she said the woman was crazy and they had numerous falling outs bcuz of this woman. Only to find out from other friends that the 'friend' was in love with him. How come out of all of us she just got the vibes from her and he didn't? (I suspected it too)

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    • With her, or she was below his standards, or he already found his master

      i think regular guys do pick up on all the numerous things that happen, but their first guess isnt: yeah, she got the hots for me, what else...

      but rather: hmm that's weird, but it can't possibly be because that one is out for some ichy ichy nya nya, she might be having her period, or her jackass boyfriend is treating her bad, or something completely generic like she may have just had an argument with the boss etc...

    • I sometimes care, and sometimes I dont, my best results were when I didn't care, about anyone at all, went in like I owned the f***ing world and made absolutely clear that anyone who gives me drama, plays games I don't want to play right now, or just generally doesn't add to my entertainment can kindly go f*** him/herself, ofc you don't say this, its just something everyone instantly knows when you come in

      and because everyone wants to feel like that as well, they follow

      thats when the dance begins

  • You know girls better than we do, that's a fact, but it doesn't mean that our opinion is completely worthless lol. Anyway, every relationship is different and I can't talk for every one so listen to your guy friends once in a while and make your own opinion.

    • Of course your opinion matters!

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