Do you think he might want to be with me again even though I broke up with him?

Well I broke up with my ex because I wasn't sure about us, he was having personal issue and I didn't want him to get more hurt and he was feeling that he wasn't good enough for me and I tried to tell him that he was , I didn't care about that and that I really loved him but that all happened 4 years ago. After I broke up with him I still kept him on facebook and everytime I posted something on facebook he would like it and almost everyone of my profile pics he would like them. so two weeks ago we started talking again threw facebook and when we talked he said I can see you really certain game and other stuff but I didn't tell him that I guiess he found out about that thanks to facebook. And this week I told him if he had whatsapp to add me and I thought he would not but he did and we taked on whatsapp. I asked him to hang out and he said he would like to but he doesn't have a car so I said I would pick him up and he said let plan and stuff but he said that like few days ago and now we haven't talk snice then. Do you think he might want to get back together or does he hate me for breaking up with him?
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  • i think he doesn't really want to get back with you, i think you should move on with your life, if he really wants to get back with you, he will tell you, so be confident.


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