My boyfriend won't talk to me.

he won't talk to me.

he told me we need to take a little break because he's really stressed out.

and I don't understand why he is because everything between us has been fine.

he told me its not you at all, its me.

and I absolutely hate those words.

i understand if he needs a break or whatever but he just kinda left me hanging. he never told me why he stressed out or anything. he won't even talk stuff over with me and its been two days.

what should I do?


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  • I think our boyfriends teamed up. Because my boyfriend did the same thing to me almost a week ago and I'm just not getting answers. I would suggest trying to talk to him but if he ignores your efforts then give it some time

    • Yeah I've called and texted him pretty much a lot and I've gotten nothing back. I'm so frustrated. and no matter how much I try to tlak to him I feel like I'm being annoying and then I feel like that's making things worse. ahhh. I don't know what to do!

    • Maybe he's not ready to tell you. Maybe he just needs space. I would let him know that you're there whenever he would like to talk to you. Some people say that if you love someone you'll let them go and if they love you they're come back. Believe me that sounds hard to do but maybe its what's best.

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