Is it normal to take this long to move on?

Its been 4 months~5 since we broke up. I've been dating someone else outside of my school while my ex still goes to my school (my ex doesn't know I'm in a relation). Last week she started seeing this guy (& was sorta shoving it in my face) and I guess it just made my heart break more? (maybe I'm just too goddamn emotion anyways)... Is it normal for me to have not moved on yet? Any tips on how too? I mean I still continue to try and distract myself but its only a temporary remedy.


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  • If she is with someone else and is shoving it in your face she isn't worth your time anyway.. If you ain't into the girl you are seeing out of school then you need to end it and just work on your self and you will move on you being with someone else and not completely moved on will just make things worse because seeing someone and doin stuff with them will just bring back memories of what you and your ex did and you will never move on.. So just work on yourself for now

    • I second this. Best thing to do after a breakup is focus on improving yourself. For me it was getting back into school work again and spending time with my best friends. The ones that wouldn't leave you for anything because they're life savers in situations like that.

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