Do you still have the pictures that you took with your ex?


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  • Nope! I deleted those pics within 24 hours of breaking up with her.

    • How long did you stay together? Did you "regret" deleting them afterwards even if you knew it was the best option?

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    • Yeah, I'm totally fine now, because this was over 5 years ago!

      I'm sorry about your ex. NO ONE deserves to be abused and disrespected like that. I hope you are able to get over him soon. Good luck! :)

    • Thanks for MHO!

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  • I have pictures of all exes. So I can , in 30 years time, show my kids that I was , once upon a time, HOT, and that I had cool chicks.

  • Just ones of us at a wedding or grad or something I went to together tgat I want to keep for other reasons

    • Why do you want to keep them?

    • Other people in them and I'm gonna photo shop them out eventually

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