What does it mean when your ex wants you to be in his life?

He wants me in his life, but he doesn't want a relationship right now. He says that he loves me and he cares a lot about me, but he's emotionally unavailable. Recently he's stopped telling me how he feels about me and it's been driving me up the wall. I keep trying to get answers out of him and he ignores me. Last week I wanted to know why he won't talk to me and he said, "I'm focused on other things" that was the only question he answered that night. Every question that I asked him he never said no to or yes to either so I'm lost. What's the point in being in his life if he completely ignores me and doesn't initiate contact? He did on Monday after I quit texting after he said what he said last week. I'm really lost and confused here.


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  • If you are still in his life and doing things for him like you used to, basically you are fulfilling what he is wanting in a relationship without the commitment. If you are giving more than he is, thats not a good thing. Best bet if he wants you in his life is to back off for awhile, he may realize the difference without you there. If you do a lot for him and he does not reciprocate, he is taking you for granted. even in a friendship things should be mutual, a give-give thing.

    • I backed off for a week and he came back. I told him last night that I would contact him in a few days he never said anything. So far he quit asking me for pictures because I told him I felt like I was being used, I would give him pics he would talk to me for a bit then stopped. I finally told him I wasn't doing that anymore. Ever since I told him that he pulled away from me he doesn't say much anymore. I feel like I keep pushing him away by trying to get him to open up to me and he won't budge.

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    • Ok I'll try. He's told me time and time again that he has nobody else that he's talking to it's just me. I do however feel that he is lying because he keeps adding these random attractive girls on Facebook. He also post these random things on relationships and how he wants to treat a girl. I find it funny because he doesn't even do any of that with me. I don't know he's really confusing. I had to block him from Facebook so I could stop obsessing over who he's adding. Most of these girls are out of state so I'm not that worried, but if he does he his car I will be worried if he drops me for some random girl.

    • Blocking on facebook was a good idea, obsessing over it will accomplish nothing, It's easier said than done, this I know, I just got dumped a few months ago, and it took her forever before deciding we would be exclusive, very frustrating and upsetting, but it does get easier over time

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  • tell him to fuck off and move on!!


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