Guys, Should I be mad that my ex didn't answer me when I said I'm sorry to him through text because one of his relatives died?


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  • Your post doesn't say how rescently they passed away so give him room and time to grieve

    • But I just said I'm ssorry and he didn't answer. .
      By the way It happened last week

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    • Thank you

    • You welcome

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  • WOW lol This is nothing to do about you! You are truly not this selfish are you?
    YOU have no right to be mad at all lady.


    • Huh should he of replied and why didn't he?

    • Well it just sounds very selfish on your part because he needs more than a text if you cared more for him and more importantly he is dealing with a loss that needs time to heal and he may not have it in him at the moment to have to still uphold your needs at this time. This is why it just sounds like you are needy if you cannot think about his grief instead of your needs of a text reply.

      personal contact and or a phone call at the very least.
      if you consider yourself a good enough friend to lend support for him.

    • I tried to call him first and I am going to stop over this week to make sure he's okay

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