Why can't I get over him?

I really am trying. I let myself get into other guys, I go on dates, don't go places him and I have been with him anymore, don't talk to him, etc. But I can't get over him. I met one of our mutual friends today and he told me that he saw him on campus recently. I acted as I didn't care, but I was burning inside. I still have strong feelings for him and I can't seem to get rid of them. The worst part is that I have this strong impression that there still is a chance that him and I could be together again... I feel silly because that feeling is so strong! I don't know what to do. Everything was going so well, I liked him so much and Iwas doing better until today. I am both hoping and so worried to see him on campus. I even imagine us and make scenarios in my head about how I should say "hi" to him, what I should tell him, etc. What can I do to fix my problem?


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  • i dont think you should talk to your mutual friend now, because he would tell you something about him, but in your case, i think you would better have a talk with him face to face to see whether there is a chance, you will feel better once you have the answer! good luck

    • I actually randomly bumped into that friend while doing groceries. We were classmates and I asked him if he had seen anyone from our old class, and the first thing that came to his mind was him. They're apparently in the same ward (we're in a Christian college) and that was the first thing he told me. I just wanted to say "hi" to him and make small talk because I was good friends with that friend so.. yea. I didn't ask about him.

    • ok, it is not your fault at all. just try to stay away from his friends, it will make you feel better. focus on your study, your interest, you are a pretty young girl, you should be confident about yourself, make some changes, be a better person, there will be many better guys for you, and even some day in the future, you two meet again, just ignore him, let him be amazed by your changes. i know a guy he broke up with his fiancee just because he met his ex , he said she was way better than before , so he fell for her again. just focus on your life, things will get better. be confident!!!

    • Thanks for your advice! I can assure you that I don't have any problems on self confidence (I even get cocky sometimes). It's just that my feelings were shaken because I like him so much and being associated with him again made me feel so nostalgic and sad that it ended that it made my day bad in half a second.. On another hand, I don't have issues attracting other guys at all, it's keeping them away that is a bit hard (see? I'm getting cocky..!). So.. yea.

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