I thought I was over her, but?

We cut contact a year ago. I've done everything I could to stay busy and keep my mind occupied. It's been my most productive year. hadn't thought of her in a while. But the thing is, I just started talking with a woman last week. I should be excited, we have similar interests, she's attractive, independent, sincere. But every time we get done texting I have a wave of sadness creep over me. It hits me how much I miss her, how badly I still care? I honestly thought I was past that.
I also feel a bit of guilt for continuing to purse a woman that I don't feel a spark for. We compatible so I was hoping my interest in her will grow. But the thought of possibly stringing someone along so I can heal bothers me.

Any and all advice welcome?


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  • Maybe you feel sad because a part of you knows you're finally taking a concrete step towards truly moving on from her. It's perfectly fine to miss someone who impacted you so strongly. Give this new person a chance, the sadness will lessen.


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  • try to find someone else maybe? tell her? can't really help ya. been there, done that. same thing happened to me too. fell in love with my best girl friend since freshman year of college. she transferred to florida from our school in north carolina and took me FOREVER to get over her. she showed up for graduation and we hung out and i was back to square 1. still haven't told her i like her.


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  • I only have one question: "Did your last relationship end on bad terms, if yes was it resolved or closure of any kind?"

    If not that's probably why you're struggling so hard a year later to start a new relationship..
    Leftover baggage and unresolved issues cause serious problems in future relationships

    • It ended on neutral terms. We had been close friends for years. She wanted to return to the way it was, I wanted it to become more serious. We just parted ways without out much fanfare. No harsh words, no fight. She went her way and I went mine.

    • That's sad, maybe you just miss your friend
      It would at least explain why it's been so hard for you
      Breaking up is one thing, losing a close friend at the same time = killer
      If you miss her that much, why not be friends
      At least she'll be in your life
      But maybe wait till you've been long term with someone else

    • I don't think I could ever return to being just a friend. To me, she was the one. Keeping her in the past is only way for me.

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  • Women are manipulative bitches. It's best to stay away from them.

    Women have NEVER been there for company, as they are mere sex objects to serve us and bear our children. I mean if you're a man in your house, there should only be ONE voice in that house.

    But alas... you're a feminist who believes in mutual respect, love, partnership and all that BS which is for the movies... so good luck getting over your mental issues.

    • Well I did ask for any and all advice.

    • Love and all that shit is only for the movies... women have always been forcefully married off.

      You're being a fool. Women are the cause of most mental illnesses in the world... don't be one of the affected idiots...

      Women are fickle-minded, untrustworthy and cruel.

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