She left me for her ex husband or what?

we dated 5 months ago, she was divorced 4 months before, but her ex always chased her and put pressure on her, enormous pressure, she wanted to find a lawyer or call the police, but they are already divorced, so there is nothing she can accuse him of, I always saw that he turned her mood bad, he text and call from different numbers, then finally he found his way through her son, not his son, 14 years boy, he got closer to him and he made him tell her that she has to leave me or else he will not stay with her, so she told me that she has to go and solve this issue, we were already going through our marriage documents, she left, we texted 2 days, I asked about her news, all normal, then she disappeared, 3 weeks, total disappearance , I called her on her mobile, her ex answers, I made other girl call on her mobile next day, her ex says no one in such a name. her whatsapp and viber are on from time to time, with a coupler of days in between. what maybe happened? she is back by force or according to her will?


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  • Maybe she's kidnapped and killed by her ex hubby and he thought it was a good idea to keep her online profiles updated so nobody would think she's already dead.

    • it came into my mind, but I was scared to think it over

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  • She had only been divorced for 4 months and you were talking about marriage? You wanted to get her locked up in a relationship with you because you wanted her but did you think about what was best for her? Getting engaged 4 months after her divorce was not good. This woman obviously does not take commitments seriously and you need to forget her. You need to think about what love really means and start acting less selfish so that y9oou will be a better companion for the next lady you meet.

    • from where did you get those 4 months? 4 + 5 = 9 months divorced + the marriage was agreed from both of us, I wasn't planning on locking anyone.

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    • you think her reunion with her ex would last?

    • It is not likely that a reunion with her ex will last, but when that ends. . . do you want to be there waiting for her? If you do, be prepared for her to leave you, too. This girl just doesn't want to settle down.

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