How to stop loving someone?

I love my amazing boyfriend :) but sadly I'm moving and I want to know how I can stop loving him? I know this question sounds really dumb... But it's so painful knowing that I can't be with him anymore. So basically how can I get over him fast? Without so much heart break :(
I'm moving back to the US


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  • You can't. Feelings can only get replaced. Don't force yourself though. You're below 18, it's normal for stuff like that to happen.

    But when you say you're moving? Another State? Country? Because if it's about college or for 1-2 years away, you can wait and just be in touch (not much of a problem). There are couples who waited years until they both met up again and made their lives.

    • My dad works with the military so I'm moving to another country

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    • Hmm, yea not a good turning point. Look on the bright side, you'll meet new people and a different culture, it's cool actually. The best to you and your family.

    • Thank you

  • What made you decide to move on?

    • I'm moving

    • oh sorry my bad. I thought you said moving on as in you decided to. That's a tough one. You can't just switch off feelings I guess. Maybe keep in touch for a while and see how you feel?

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