Should I worry about my boyfriend screwing me over?

So me and my boyfriend have a baby together and he's been off his rocker. Being angry and mean breaking things and nothing seems to change. I went out last night with a friend my purse was stolen and he freaked out at me. Like i already am not upset enough that all my stuff was stolen. Anyways i seen that he was searching "single fighting fathers" on his fb search. It was a group basically for dad's fighting for custody. He told me "well i didn't join it and i was looking for a support group for dads because i have no one to talk to" i dont really belive that becase he obviously clicked on the group seeing that the title said for single dads. I confronted him about and at first he walked away. I dont know what to do. he's been very abusive lately. He then went all overdramatic and wrote a letter and signed it saying he doesn't care if i have full custody and its proof. Should i really believe any of this?


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  • Your relationship sounds like its in serious trouble. It sounds like he wants out


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