Am I being bullied?

I think I'm being bullied, or maybe just taken the mick out of, by a few guys in my class at college. Basically, the other day at college, one boy asked if I had a boyfriend, I said no, he asked why, I said because I'm ugly, he said I'm not. Then throughout the day he kept calling me 'gorgeous'. (I'm the complete opposite). During one lesson, according to my best friend, he was apparently calling 'gorgeous' to me to ask for a pen, but I didn't hear that, and during the same lesson I caught him looking at me and then he winked and smiled, and later on he walked past and put his finger under my chin and said 'gorgeous' so I asked his friend if he was joking and he said no why would he be. During another, he said 'come and sit next to me gorgeous' and yesterday, as me and about 4 other people were walking out of the classroom, at the last second he shouted 'bye (my name)' to make it clear he was speaking to me.

I know it doesn't sound like he's being nasty, but I've got no self confidence, I've never had a boyfriend, and I'm far from 'gorgeous'. I can't make myself believe that he's genuinely just being nice, I'm convinced him and his friends are just making fun of me. Am I just being paranoid, or are they taking the mick?

I'd like as many opinions as possible, please. Thanks.


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  • We're often our own worst critics sweetheart. Maybe he genuinely sees beauty where you do not, and wants to remind you of that whenever he gets the chance. I tend to hate it when people don't see the good qualities they possess and do the same, t remind them of such things at every opportunity. I doubt things would've started the way they did with him asking such a question then continued the way they are now if he were actually 'bullying' you.

    • Thank you, and I understand what you mean, but I just realised that him calling me that didn't happen after I said I didn't have a boyfriend because I'm ugly, what my friend told me was the first time he called me that, so do you still think your answer - I doubt things would've started the way they did with him asking such a question then continued the way they are now if he were actually 'bullying' you - applies?

    • I still stand by what I said first dear. I cannot believe he is just doing it for shi*s and giggles. And if by the slight chance he is, he is an ass and it should be taken in jest. I'm sure you are indeed gorgeous and have many other good qualities.

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  • why do you think your ugly? take pride in yourself!


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  • He thinks you're hot and probably wants to date you and that's the end of it. Whether you believe it or not is another thing but that's what it sounds like to me.

    • He's actually got a girlfriend, so I doubt he, or any other male, wants to 'date' me, to be honest.

  • Lets see a picture of you, I'll tell you whether he was teasing you or not.


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