My exclusive friends with benefits lefted me for a girl he just met a couple days before he broke up with me?

Ok so my exclusive friends with benefits left me for a girl he just met. He told me he would never love or be in a commitment when we were with eachother becuz he doesn't wanna have to commit and go through a break up later. His girlfriend of 4 years broke his heart a couple years ago. So I told him I'd never give up on him. I wanted to be there. We talked everyday, & we talked about the future & one point he wanted to live with me. He said I know I'm emotionally screwed up but with you're skills maybe u can put pieces together & he didn't cuddle me at the beginning but he did later on. I was with him for almost 8 months.

I know he was only a friends with benefits. I do but it didn't start out that way he said he wanted more when I meet him. at the time I naive I never had a boyfriend before. Then a month in he told me he just wanted to be friends with benefits and I agreed to it cuz I already liked him. I wouldn't have stayed so long if I didn't believe him. he progressed as the time went on He was a friend and I though he was starting to like me.

He went to his home town for 2 months because of work so I only saw him twice during that time when he came to visit. We still talked everyday and when he was going to move back to the city he had to find a new place he came back and he stayed in a hotel because he didn't find a place yet and I visited him then 5 days later Out of the blue he said that he found someone and I was like I knew you were lying and he said he wasn't lying then deleted me. Later he snaped me saying I knew this would happen and he just litterly started seeing her so they weren't dating when I asked and told me honesty he's doing me a favor.

2 weeks laters he blocked me off of fb? I don't know why I never posted anything on fb about or tried to reach out to him. And I can't message him unless I'm his friend so why did he do that? And how did he find a new girl in the 5 days he was here when he hardly knows


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  • Live and learn. Never get with a guy that isn't ready or want a relationship. Tell him when he is ready to give you a call if you're still single

    • Yeah thanks even though it really hurts and torn me apart I think this experience made me stronger and wiser

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  • You were friends with benefits. It's a no strings attached thing, it's not a relationship. He was technically free to pursue a relationship with someone. Now I'm not saying what he did was right exactly, he did string you along quite a bit, but I guess for him all your relationship was was strictly sex and now that he found someone to be in a relationship with you aren't needed by him anymore.

    • Even though I know that know it's still very painful to hear. Also what he did wasn't right because he take advantage of my kindness I stayed with him cuz I thought he was scared to love again not because he just didn't wanna love me

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  • deleted his everything, and move on, he is not worth it!!!


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