I feel like I'm not over my ex. Need help?

I broke up with my ex girlfriend back in May of 2015, well, her mom forced us to break up. I waited for a few months, then turns out she's with another guy at that point, leaving me heartbroken. It's almost 2016 and I STILL can't get her out of my head, no matter how hard I try. I've tried hanging out with my friends, seeing new women, even tried going on a few dates, nothing has worked... need some help.


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  • Getting over an ex is hard but instead of looking for a relationship/love, focus on yourself first. Is she really worth it? If she liked you that much she wouldn't have gone to another guy despite what her mom said. Go out with your mates go have fun enjoy being young lol. If it was meant to be she'll come back to you :)


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  • I just had this conversation with a friend about my own longings for my ex girlfriend whom I broke up with some time ago. I know the pain you are in and I deeply sympathies with your situation. The truth is, we don't truly move on until we've found someone else to truly commit too. Dating lots of other people doesn't work because all we do is compare those people to the one we've lost. You do need to find yourself and remember that happiness is not dependent on the choices of others (or your girlfriend), but your choices. You need to be in control of your happiness. It's going to hurt for a long time, but time is a great sifter of things. Take that time to look at what you've learned and focus that knowledge into your own life and your next relationship. You have a lot of time and a lot of opportunities in the future to find someone who won't breakup with you at the request of anyone, not even you under certain circumstances. And next time, don't pull the trigger and break up no matter who it is. If you love someone, you don't let them go.


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  • break up give a pain in all life


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