Will she come back?

My girl friend of 2 years broke up with me. She said she needed some space and just wanted to be friends for a wile. I have tried to be OK with just being her friend for a month and I can't take any more. We both apologized for what we did to each other and we both excepted each others. And now she says she won't give her hart to anyone else but me and misses me all the time, but when ever I pretty much beg for her to take me back, she says still she still needs to be alone for a wile and she doesn't know what the future may hold for her. I said I can't take just being her friend anymore so I told her I didn't want to talk to her for a wile. She told me to keep my feelings for her. I miss her so much. Do you think she will come back to me or should I just move on? If I should move on, how do I do that?


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  • what threw me off guard is she wants to take a break out of the blue for no aparent reason?

    is there a detail missing there?

    besides that she could just be toying around with your emotions you could be her back up plan,

    or maybe she does have your best interest at heart.

    but you need to think this stuff through.

    if you want to move on take baby steps its going to be a long process

    especially since it was a two year relationship.

    start taking things of hers down maybe start up an 'ex' box.

    keep your options open maybe start talking to some new girls,

    most guys love the single life.

    theres nothing I or anyone can say that can prevent the pain your feeling, and I'm so sorry and we've been there. but honestly your the one in control of letting things get to you.

    time will eventually heal everything.

    • When it came to problems, we had all the regular problems that two people go through when they have been together that long. I never thought there was anything big so yea it was kind of out of the blue.

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  • If she wants space, give her space, but you ve already did that for a month, if you stay there doing nothing she is going to think that you re moving on and gunna start hooking up with other guys, since you re telling her that you want her back then I guess she is taking you for granted and that sucks!

    its been a month already now its time to take some action, let her know that you won't wait for her forever.

    if she realizes that you re not gunna be there anymore, she will come back crawling to you, believe me!

    all you have to do is let her know how you feel, be firm, tell her I can't take this anymore, I can't wait forever... which is true.. this isn't healthy for you at all..

  • Honestly, I think you should tell her you agree with her decision, and that space is the best for both of you right now. Then tell her to not contact you until you have thought about things and contacted her first. It sounds like she doesn't want to be with you right now, but is keeping you there at the same time because she knows you will always be there and she can have you whenever she wants. She will come back, she just needs to know you aren't always gonna be there. And by saying you need time too, and having space, it'll make her see life without you which will make her come back. It can take up to more than a month, but in this case I'm pretty sure she'll realize quickly what she's losing.


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  • You know what man, as long as you have her as a friend and you still like her, don't you ever give up. Right now the thing you got going for yourself is time, let time be your best friend. Show her that your her best friend, and if you can be her best friend, then one day when she's ready all over again show her how you can be an even better boyfriend. Believe in yourself, anyone can move on just like that, but no anyone can stay on, and fight the battle, to go on and win the war, good luck man.

    • Thank you. I am wiling to stay with her as long as it takes, but what happens if she finds some one else? We have just broken up for one month and already three guys have tried to get with her.

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    • Indeed be strong man and take care..............

    • Loved the connection between you two!

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