If a girl breaks up with you because of parents but calls up the next day crying asking to get back together, what is that mean?

So she breaks up and acts distant for a month and it was her parents+free college ride or me. She chose me at first then got distant and chose her college and talking to her mom. She called back the next day hysterically crying saying she was lying and she wanted me back. Did she really care and want me? Her parents hated me by the way along with all of her friends.. mother and father both punched me in the face before. It was a constant battle and all we did was sneak around. If she moved out with me she would lose everything.

Things towards the end got bad. Accusations of cheating and arguements. On both sides.
  • Yes she cared and probably wanted to stay but had to choose college
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  • She just left because she didn't want you
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What Girls Said 1

  • She wants you but her parents for a reason want to put a wall between you two. Might be possible that they think that you're not the right guy for her, think you have bad intends or they're just possessive parents.
    That's why I have never told my parents about any of my relationships :)


What Guys Said 1

  • It means she is under her parents thumbs... It's too bad some parents have to act like that... the thing of it is... Her parents are not going to change and she would have to give up her family which I'm sure she loves, besides money... In order to be with you.
    You shouldn't have to sacrifice your feelings of worthiness for her... All in all it's just a fucked up situation... But nothing's going to change unless she can make a stand to her parents and set some ground rules as a young adult... I mean, how are you going to feel if she sneaks around to see you and keep you hidden like you are some kind of guilty pleasure?
    Nah, nobody deserves that... It needs to be out in the open and free otherwise it just can't work bro.
    From what it sounds like I have no doubt that she does love you and have feelings for you... And I'm sure you understand that she is torn between you and her family... But again, the burden is on her to be able to stand up to her parents as a young adult and declare which she will tolerate and what she won't from them.


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