He broke up with me, cried then blocked all contact?

I was with this guy for 2 years, he left his girlfriend of 5 years for me and we've had our ups and downs and we are pretty much on and off. He blows hot and cold. I've always been depressed but when I met him it kind of cut out my depression until all the arguments and falling outs started, I should have told him from the start but I didn't, I finally had the courage to tell him a couple of months before the break up, he tried his best to help me although he was still blowing hot and cold which made my depression worse and more arguments were created. He came to see me and says it was over I cried and he cried he's never cried before ever during our whole 2 years. When he left I was at an all time low I sadly tried to take my own life, he's blocked all contact and told my mum he's angry upset and disappointed. I feel helpless that he's given up on me. Why would he get so emotional then completely block me out? Please help. Will he come back or should I give up?


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  • I'm going to give you some perspective... & I want you to take it in the right way.
    First and foremost... Being with someone who is depressed all the time is a real draining experience, especially if you have feelings for them... even if you want to help them, you can't... Someone suffering from depression needs professional help.
    If you're looking to him to be like some sort of medication for you and lift you up all the time as a dependent... That is very unfair to him and unreasonable to expect from anyone.
    In my opinion... What you need to do is quit being a victim of circumstance and get some professional help, Weatherby medication or counseling or both.
    You need to be right with yourself first before you can be right with anyone else!
    You're still very young and you have your whole future ahead of you... You just need to bring yourself to a point where you can truly see it for what it is... It's bright and it has the potential to include all the beauty you can imagine!
    The reason why he blocked you off was because he has come to the painful realization that you are not good for him and he can't help you... Its been too much of an emotional roller coaster for him, and he realizes he can't be your doctor and your lover.
    When you tried to take your own life... He came to the realization that he cannot allow himself to become emotionally invested or be responsible for your life or death.
    You can rest assured that he still thinks about you, and wishes you the best... But I believe he is doing this to save both him and you a whole lot of grief.
    I hope you will take my advice and get some professional treatment... Because depression is not a joke... It affects you and everyone else around you. The good news these days is that it is fairly easily treated through proper serotonin treatments as well as counseling.
    For some people depression is a lifelong event, and for other people through treatment they find themselves in a different place, a better place.
    I wish the best for you and I hope you get the treatment you deserve.


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  • The timeline is confusing. However, hot and cold NEVER works in long term. In case you haven't heard it, it is "recommended" to blow someone who acts that way. Of course he got emotional because you had something for two whole years. Him blocking you could be his way of moving on, I never really understood the point in blocking someone though. He might come back who knows.. You can choose to give up or fight for him. I don't understand the reason to why he broke up with you? But his hot and cold behaviour combined with your depression really isn't good for you. I think you should ask yourself why you would want to be with someone who is hot and cold rather than someone who would always love you.


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  • Well you were 2 years together, he would have to be pretty heartless not to get emotional when you broke up. And him blocking you completely really is an indication that he is moving on, and thats what you should try to do as well.

  • there's 3.5 billion guys in the world, find someone else

  • Karma is a bitch.


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