Does it sound like it was a case of HIT AND RUN, be honest?

I met a guy from online dating and hit it off with him. We went on about 7 dates before we finally had sex. The issue I had with him is that he was not very communicative. We would see each other once a week, go out to dinner, spend time together but throughout the week he would barely text me. It's like he would not let me in.

We lasted about 3 months and during that period I kept asking him if he wanted to still be together, bc his words were seeing yes, but his actions or lack of them showed me otherwise. Before we got to the point of breaking up, I 'd try and talk to him and he would just keep saying how he wasn't a big texter. He introduced me to his friends (married couplesa) and things went well with them, but I just felt that he was emotionally distant.

He finally asked for a break and then said to me 3 days later how i was great but he could not make me happy and how we should stop seeing each other. I didn't understand it bc I couldnt get how I am was supposed to be happy with seeing him once a wk. and barely hearing from him. He also had not been in a relationship for for about 3 years and said it was hard planning things every weekend

This guy by the way was in his early 40's never married, never been in a relationship that lasted 6 months, never cohabitated. When I went to his house he had a 2 bedroom house and once room was full of comic books. Should i have known then to move on? LOL


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  • Sounds like someone either with commitment issues or doesn't know how to get in touch with his feelings or both. I'm leaning towards the latter, better you moved on.

    • so in other words you dont think he used me for sex. When we'd see each other, things would not always go that route.

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  • He just wanted sex this is a typical case of friends with benefits.


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