How do I get my ex boyfriend back?

He told me a week or so ago that he was looking for a girlfriend and can't fu*k with me anymore.. I wished him the best with that and said bye. Days later he says he wants to come over and I said why and he said he doesn't know. We've tried planning it but he's always busy or working.. So I haven't seen him since the break up. We're also dirty on snap chat.. which that tells me he's still sexually attracted to me. He says he wants to have sex with me. We do talk about other stuff not just sex. But when I ask if he likes me he says he doesn't know what he feels. My ex and I have been broken up for a little over a month now. He still cares, because he gets bothered when I hang with other guys. He just won't tell me how he feels. Whenever I mention getting back with him he ignores my msgs. What should I do? Just let him be and have him talk to me first? Or do the no contact thing?


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  • write him off and move on. In his mind you're good enough to sleep with but, not good enough to be his girlfriend. I know it sounds harsh, and I appologize for that. However, you're not going to get anything more out of this guy but strings-free sex. He's keeping you around for sex but is out there searching for someone else.


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