Is there any chance he will date me again?

We were Going really good. Almost a year. Now it didn't seem like the typical relationship where u say you'll be together and end up not being. He was really mature and we often talked about getting married and how I was the only one he wanted to be with. Well today he broke up with me we hit a rough patch two weeks ago where he asked me to not lean on him in public like hold his hand or have my arm around him. I just thought it was cute he just didn't and to help him around the farm. I told him I would and we seemed fine. Then tonight after he went home for the weekend he broke up with me I'm so confused because Thursday we seemed fine. He hinted his family was saying I didn't seem interested in farming but I really am he just never showed me what to do. He promised me he'd still be friends and that's the truth because his first girlfriend he's still friends with I know he won't just leave me he's not that much of an ass. He just said he needed time to figure everything in his life out. Is there a chance we could still get back together. I don't want anyone else.


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  • his family was saying I didn't seem interested in farming. Whats the connection to leave u? U don know farming then broke up! And wait not for himself for his family!! I don know how girls end up with these guys.

  • I have just been through basically the same thing. I didn't listen to the advice that my friends and family and that the internet provided. I pushed and tried to force conversation and to try to push my exes old feelings for me back to her. In hindsight this was a very bad idea and did nothing but push her further and further away. I believe the best thing to do in this situation is to not worry about your ex no matter how hard that may be and trust me I know it can be hard. If you work on making yourself happy without your ex, then you will become more attractive in his eyes. It is a bad idea to try and force feelings with someone because it usually just pushes them farther out of reach. Time has the power to heal all wounds and pain. I hope this helps.


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