Packed up his stuff so je can pick it up at my apartment... but am I doing the right thing?

2 weeks ago, me & my boyfriend of 6 years with who we share a home got into a horrible fight. I had went out that night with my family, which he knew about, to a concert and didn't get home until 1 AM. I got home and he was still up... drinking. Throughout that day, I was getting the cold shoulder from him and he wasn't speaking to me for whatever reason. I get home that night and he continues to give me the cold shoulder. I asked what's wrong and if he's going to ignore me the entire night. Very coldly, he says he doesn't want to talk. Im angry at this point because we weren't speaking to each other and I didn't understand why. After pushing for him to talk to me, he tells me that i treat him like nothing, am stingy with my money, compared me to his ex, is gaining weight because i order out all the time and don't cook anymore, i could've bought him boxers and socks because i knew he needed some, and told me i would never meet his friends because of how i embarrassed him one time outside a bar in June. Long story short, i put him first, held us down financially when he wasn't working, he hangs out with his friends all the time and travels with them never inviting me, he's always on his phone and doesn't do anything when i tell him it bothers me, i clean the house, cook when i want, wash all of his clothes (including his socks and boxers) and really have been trying to change to salvage the relationship and fix my end of it. The next morning we weren't speaking and he left to comicon with his friend (no invite for me). I felt a lot of hurt and anger towards him that I left the apartment (which is under my name). Its been a 2 weeks and i told him i need time and space to think things over. He calls me last week pretty much giving me an ultimatum; we can work things out or he leaves. He's left me numerous amount of times and i always came back. This is the first time I've ever really stood up for myself and i feel like with that ultimatum he gave me, he's not giving me
Rhe time and space I'm requesting. This was his time & change to fight for me, especially knowing i NEVER broke up with him. Instead, he blocks me on instagram & snapchat and now doesn't talk to me and has his mother be his messanger saying he's picking up his stuff this week. Yesterday i packed all of his things and are neatly placed in the living room and took down all of our pictures. I need to see a change in him in order for us to work and i don't think he understands how hurt i am nor
has he even tried. He only texted me saying at first he didn't want space. After i told him i need it, he said maybe i could find another man and will never hear from him again. Am i doing the right thing here? Please help...


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  • You really have to think if you are ultimately happy in your relationship, if the answer is not, it might be time for you two to move on and find someone who suits you better. But if you really want to be with him, you should stop playing all these games with him and talk to him straight about what needs to change to make your relationship work, and if he's not willing to compromise or your unhappy with how he wants to do that, then you have to realize that things might never change, so its up to you whether you want to stay in a relationship like that or not.


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