Have you ever "ghosted" a significant other? Has anyone ghosted you?

"Ghosting" is when you suddenly cease all communication with someone you're either dating or in a relationship with. Instead of breaking up, you simply vanish on them and hope they'll take the hint and not pursue. Have you done this to anyone? Has anyone done it to you?

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Personally, the only time I think this would be excusable is if someone is being stalked or otherwise abused.


Most Helpful Girl

  • No, I have never done that because it's way too weak and cowardly for my style. That level of passive aggressiveness is very unbecoming so I would not choose to do that.

    However, I did have that happen to me when I was 18. Instead of openly communicating with me, the guy literately just ignored me forever. It was very hurtful.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I've known a couple of girls who used it as their standard break up tactic... and been on the recieving end once.


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  • I've had it happen a few times. U open up to them and start to feel comfortable and then they vanish. Builds character on my end and unfortunately my wall goes up stronger and higher for the next guy.


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