Need a females advice!! girlfriend randomly left and seems confused?

My girlfriend of about 2 years broke up with me about a month ago now. She is newly 21 and I'm 26.. We had an amazing relationship. She always just stared at me and smiled. I would ask what was up, and she would say "I'm just so in love with you". We lived together and talked about marriage and a kid. She would get upset I didn't not propose yet. we would have little arguments about little things... nothing really big. anyway one Sunday she wasn't acting the same. I asked what was up. She basically said she felt we were living my life and she wanted to focus on her self and be independent for once. I of course was upset and let her go. Even helped her move some stuff out. That following weekend she drove 3 hours to hang with her friends and go out. Figure maybe she just needed to get away and clear her mind.. The next weekend after that she text me on a Friday and said "hey I would like to go to bingo with you and some friends.. If you can stand being around me as a friend" I didn't reply for around 5 hours.. I told her "possibly if I am free".. We ended up going out with friend that night and having drinks. Everything seemed to be ok.. Next day we all ended up going to play bingo.. She seemed to kind of flirt by throwing little things at me and smiling. Later that night she sent me a friend request on FB ( I deleted her.. Didn't wanna see her out partying) sometime in between that time I had her call me and I told her basically how I cannot talk to her or have her snapchat me right now. I need time to move on. She seemed upset but said she understood. About a week later I accepted her friend request on FB. Around that time I was in Nc after bingo to help me get my mind off her.. I couldn't stand being around her as "friends" she commented on a photo of my little cousins saying she misses them so much. Then the next day one of my old exes added me on Facebook. And I accepted it. she seems rude now. Deleted me on all Social media. I'm so confused! Please help.


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  • She doesn't know what she wants.. she's confused more than your self right now..
    I think she just needs to prove her self as an indivisial first - common in this age - but your frnds were right about the possibility of her coming back in a few months..
    She wanted to stay frnds with you because she didn't want to feel lost and she still needs you near her..
    What you did was smart tho keep your distance and ignore her if she talks this whole month..
    1 month with no contact and she'll start questioning her decision..
    Am a girl and i know
    Try to hang out more with female firnds to get her to feel jealous or anything like that.. making her feel a little jealous would speed things up for your advantage
    I hope it works out for you :)

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    • Thanks for the advise. We will see what happens. Only time can tell.. I care for her enough to respect she wants her space and time, and if it is forever then i just hope she is happy and someone will treat her right.

    • Thats a very good mindset

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  • Sounds like she has emotional/mental issues.


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  • She needs to give you some time and space to move on. I'm confused though, what's your question?

    • Guess just confused on what is going on. Feel she is at an age where she wants to experience life.. Friends tell me to just let go and she will be back in a few months. I guess wasn't really a question. Just some advice.

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    • Thanks for the advise. Moving on is what I have to do. If down the road we cross again or connect, maybe things will work. Thanks again.

    • You're welcome. Good luck! I hope everything works out for you.

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