Boyfriend left me, said that he wants to stay friends and then disappeared?

This was some months ago. We were together for 4 years and everything seemed great, until one day out of the blue he said he doesn't want a relationship anymore and dumped me. It wasn't anyone else, he really just wanted to be care free and single. Well, he then BEGGED me to stay friends. I said ok and we did kept contact for awhile, it was a nice closure can't complain. Then he just disappeared few weeks ago. I finished my Ph'D few days ago and I posted it on FB and he saw it and didn't even congratulate me. He is not seeing anyone I know that much. Our mutual friend told him about my Ph'd and he just said "oh that's great". I feel like shit because not so long ago I was there for him when he had some problems. Now he doesn't even want to talk to me. I wrote him few days ago and he just said "I gotta go". I feel worthless to him. And ashamed that I even reached out or thought that maybe we could be friends. Well, what a friend...


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  • sorry for what you've been through. It's hard to turn the relationship into friendship because one of the two parties still have a deep feelings for another person, and the reaction is ignoring from other side. I understand it's hurt, but Don't blame yourself for what a happened. life is constantly changing around us and also people. Don't be
    ashamed that you're a good person (Jewel is not ashamed of the intensity of its luster).
    don't change and be as you like... and congratulations for PhD

    Good luck..


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  • told him goodbye and disappeared


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  • Someone with a PhD I'd think would know "we can still be friends" is 95% of the time code for "I don't want to see you again". I don't agree with it because of the dishonesty

    • Well he didn't seem like someone who "doesn't want to see me again" since after the breakup he used to call me almost every day for 2 months...

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